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My Name is Stephanie Wilson & I have struggled with my weight for my ENTIRE life. 

In 2018 I made a series of decisions. 

Struggling with weight loss was over.

Dieting was over.  

Emotional eating was over. 

Instead I chose to face my food addiction head on. 

I also discovered that just focusing on my physical self was NOT enough - I needed to do some Spiritual Detox work as well as Emotional Management work. 

What's the benefit of being beautiful on the outside and still broken and toxic on the inside? 

There is none. 

Hence the creation of Temple Transformation 360! I have a SIMPLE formula that I use to help my clients: 

Spirit + Emotion + Body  = TT360

I truly believe that you need ALL 3 components to truly achieve a life-changing type of transformation because I have LIVED IT! Feel free to grab my Free Weight Loss Strategy & Meal Plan below, Join our YouTube Community and take a look at our suite of solutions below! 

I look forward to helping you Transform! 

Stephanie Wilson / Transformation Champion 

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Stephanie Wilson / Transformation Champion 

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We created a 90-Day Detox Journal to aid you emotionally on your journey.
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We created a Detox Workbook to accompany the Journal for a complete program.
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In-Person consultation

If you are in the Houston Area and want to get an in-person consultation with Stephanie,
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T - 20: Quick start guide

We created a 20-Day Quick Start Guide to wellness to help you get going.
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2020 Weight loss planner

We created a 12 Month Weight Management Planner for the ultimate accountability!
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30-day SELF LOVE masterclass

We created a 30-Day Self Love Masterclass & Challenge for women struggling in this area.  
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We host Bootcamps & Workshops on a regular basis in the Houston Area. We also travel domestically as well! If you want to host one in your city or at your church simply TEXT the office @ 713-489-2145!

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We created a line of apparel and other cool stuff to inspire & motivate women while on their journey! TT360 is a MOVEMENT designed to galvanize transforming women. Join Us!  

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Why supplements? Because they give what the body can no longer naturally produce. Our process is simple: 
1 Pack of Tea, 1 Energy Capsule & 1 Tbsp of Liquid Nutrition! That's it! 

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My 16-Week Private Client Intensive
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16 Months & 100+ Pounds Later...

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